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Bad Religion

New series –Bad Religion

Every generation can look back and see the damage bad religious teaching has had. Bad religion can hurt us, hurt others and even hurt society. How do we know if our beliefs are true?




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Encounter Vineyard meets every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Childcare is provided.

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How Will We Connect?

I recieved an e-mail from a friend suggesting as a church we needed to connect with people through Facebook.

It’s interesting that just last week I visited another church and they had a message on the dangers of social media. The message was given by an expert who has one of the top 10 blogs on Creative Technological Innovation according to Time Magazine.

He had many good points but he also he had some points that I am struggling with. He believes social media is causing people to have less meaningful relationships. He said people were becoming a mile wide and an inch deep. Yet so many people I talk to believe their relationships are richer because of on-line connections. People connecting with old friends and knowing more details about current friends, while adding new friends all the time. I have read that 1 out of 8 marriages last year came from people who met on-line. That sounds like people are connecting in fairly meaningful ways.

I know several churches who have Facebook pages, twitter and RSS feeds. It is a good tool for them. Even for us with a simple web page we have more unique visitors to it then people who enter through our doors each month. I believe Facebook and other social media are where we will need to go IF we want to be in communication.

Currently we communicate mainly in one direction – us to you – with very little feedback. I believe listening is as important as talking if we want to communicate and truly connect.

Time – that is the issue for me. I am not on Facebook because I know how much time it takes to maintain the friendships that develop through there. I learned that through MySpace. It takes time to stay in conversation with all these friends.

How do I stay in conversation with 1000+ people who call the Vineyard their home church?

If you have suggestions let me know Cliff@Vineyardchristian.org – And YES I know it is ironic that our blogs are not set up for you to comment on at this point.