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No matter where you are on your faith journey, God wants to connect with you. No one is "too far gone" for God to rescue them. Even the people who think they've got it all together can realize that they need to connect with their creator.

This is where Encounter comes in. Our desire is to help you connect with God, with others and with the people around you.


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know your enemy

What is wrong with this world? The Bible regularly asserts that there is a supernatural evil force in the world, something that goes beyond human weakness, sin, stupidity, or ignorance. There is, in addition to all of these things, something much darker, something more sinister, something truly evil. It's a power that hates seeing people succeed or flourish, a power that hates children and teens and the elderly, a power that is actively trying to destroy men and women. There is a battle raging all around us. It's time to know your enemy.

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