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No matter where you are on your faith journey, God wants to connect with you. No one is "too far gone" for God to rescue them. Even the people who think they've got it all together can realize that they need to connect with their creator.

This is where Encounter comes in. Our desire is to help you connect with God, with others and with the people around you.


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the purpose of jesus

When I think about what my purpose is in life, I think there is one big purpose; one overarching reason I am here. However when I stop and think more deeply there are many purposes I have in life – to be a good husband/parent – to love my neighbor – to honor and worship God – to be a teacher. We all have many purposes in life. The same was for Jesus. When we are in the Easter season we may think only about Jesus’ purpose to die on the cross to take away our sins. However Jesus told us there were many reasons he came to earth. This is the question we will address: Why did Jesus come to earth? Or what was Jesus’ purpose? 

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